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Jute Products | Jute Products in Bangladesh

Jute Products | Jute Products in Bangladesh

Jute Products | Jute Products in Bangladesh

jute travel bags

Jute Products: Jute produced in Bangladesh was once the mainstay of the economy. But in order to meet the demand of the time, jute has been replaced by plastic products which are harmful to the environment and health. But again, in time, eco-conscious consumers around the world are being encouraged to use eco-friendly products, especially jute products.


Jute is an ancient agricultural and one of the major cash crops of Bangladesh. Jute is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable crops. It helps in soil fertility, formation and restoration. The leaves of the jute tree enrich the soil fertility for sustainable agriculture and its nutritional value as a vegetable. As an alternative to wood, jute sticks are used as fuel which prevents deforestation. Jute was once called the ‘Golden Fiber’ of Bangladesh. The contribution of jute sector in the economy of Bangladesh is immense. In Bangladesh, economic, agricultural, industrial and commercial perspectives but the current and future prosperity and growth of this industry is at risk. A favorable environment has not yet been created for the development of jute industry in Bangladesh. There are many problems in this industry, such as; Lack of scientific knowledge and modern equipment, lack of quality seeds, low productivity, lack of government patronage, lack of skilled workers, lack of capital, lack of training of entrepreneurs, natural disasters, global market conflicts and economic crisis etc.

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In order to overcome the above problems, the government has taken various steps to diversify and utilize jute products through the Jute Diversification Promotion Center (JDPC). In recent times, considering the domestic and international market demand of Bangladesh and the global expansion of the jute industry, the government has declared 282 types of attractive jute goods as diversified jute products. At present about 700 entrepreneurs are producing various types of eye-catching jute products in Bangladesh, most of which are being exported abroad. Jute has been recognized as an important sector since time immemorial. Therefore, the potential for jute is much higher with the growing global concern for the environment.

Jute Products

The following is a list of some of the jute products produced or manufactured from jute-

Jute Bags: A wide variety of bags are being made from jute fabric for daily use. Its demand is also increasing worldwide. Shopping bags for the market, travel bags for travel, promotion bags for promotion of products or organizations are being made of jute fabrics. Jute fabrics are also being made in various fashionable design bags for women to use. Among the other bags made from jute are handbags, jute beach bags, jute Christmas bags, jute sling bags, jute sacking bags, jute bottle bags, lunch bags etc.

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Home Decor Items: Jute products are widely and commonly used for designing and aesthetic purposes. Especially for wall decoration, different items of jute are used. Such as; embroidered paintings, framed products, framed photographs, tapestries, framed mirrors, toys, table lamps, wall hangings, plant hanger, door mat, table mat, owl, door chain, Elephants, hacking pockets storage, key holders, etc.

Jute for craftworks: Sketchbook, notebook cover, pen keeper, cards of salutation, frame for a picture, a folder for containing document, gift container, tissue box, Pen Stand, Flowers, Basket, slip pad holder, jute coasters, jute hammocks, jute lampshades, jute Jewellery and stationery, doll, toys, etc.

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Jute textile: Jute hessian cloth or burlap, jute geotextiles, jute yarn, jute carpet cloth (CBC), jute hydrocarbon free cloth, jute canvas.

Jute Products

Jute apparel: Jute jacket, jute footwear, jute fashion accessories.

Jute furnishings: Jute mats and ropes, jute cushion covers, jute fabrics, jute blinds, jute rugs, jute carpets.

What is Karujog doing?

The history, heritage, culture and values of jute are closely linked with the history of Bangladesh. Karujog is working to highlight this glorious history of Bangladesh all over the world. Karujog is providing training on making diversified jute products to empower women and marketing their products. Thus, Karujog is playing an important role in the socio-economic development of rural women.

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