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Wall Hanging Plant | Macrame Home Decor Items 6 beads


Wall Hanging Plant | Macrame Home Decor Items 6 beads


Color: Natural
Material: Cotton Thread
Dimension (length): 37 Inches

This plant hanger does not come with a pot or plant.
The color of the beads used for this product may not be the same.

Please allow up to 4 days for delivery.

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Wall Hanging Plant:

This handmade unique eco-friendly wall hanging plant in essence has the perfect design to decor your home since it gives your home a warm feeling. Karujog’s home decor has the latest design and is elegant and stylish. The design and colour of this handicraft wall decor nonetheless will remind you of Bangladeshi tradition, heritage, and culture.

Design and Colour: 

Karujog designed this handicrafts with its own designer. Trained skilled women artisans are employed to make this wall hanging plant. The colour of this product is natural.

Moreover, while ensuring the quality through various types of checking processes and this house decors are produced at a comparatively low price in Bangladesh after considering the demand and tastes of the buyers.

High-Quality Material and Fitting: 

Through an efficient quality control process the quality of the manufactured goods are controlled. All the materials used to produce this decor are 100% high-quality durable and soft cotton rope. Its quality is improved based on our experience and feedback from our valuable customers.

Benefit for Money: 

Through the use of the latest technology and the application of strategic and advanced management, Karujog is able to save on the production cost of all its products. So we assure you that you have saved money in the right place by purchasing our latest stylish wall hanging plant.

Lovely Gift:

This handmade macrame wall decoration is lovely and its gorgeous look makes it a surprising and attractive present to send to your loved ones. You also can make your loved ones happy by sending them this masterpiece as a souvenir gift.

Beauty Your Home: 

The unique design, hand-crafted using natural ecofriendly materials, create a simple feeling and it also creates a relaxed atmosphere. You can hang this wall hanging plant on top of a suitable place of your home or office.

Simple, yet meticulously handmade crafted, this beauty would be gracing your home or balcony garden and brighten up an office. This handicraft home decor bd is great for indoor and outdoor use. This is also strong and durable.

What is Karujog doing?

The history, heritage, culture and values of this product are as a matter of fact closely linked with the history of Bangladesh. Karujog is working to highlight this glorious history of Bangladesh all over the world. Karujog is providing training on making diversified handicraft products to empower women artisan. Thus, Karujog is playing an important role in the socio-economic development of artisans.

Order Now:

So, we are glad to learn about your order. If you have any questions or would like a custom design and colour made just for you, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


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