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Macrame Plant Hanger | Macrame Plant Hanging 4 Beads

Macrame Plant Hanger | Macrame Plant Hanging 4 Beads


Color: Natural
Material: Cotton Thread
Dimension (length): 37 Inches

This plant hanger does not come with a pot or plant.
The color of the beads used for this product may not be the same.

Please allow up to 4 days for delivery.

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This crafted Macrame Plant Hanger ropes are used to hold flower pots. It can be used indoors or outdoors, on roofs or walls.

The rope of this macrame plant hanger is durable, it can hold a heavy flower pot.

If you are looking for colorful macrame plant hanger designs, you will love hanging macrame plants. Our category page offers a large selection of macrame plant hangers currently in stock.

Why use a simple plant hanger?

Why use a simple macrame plant hanger? Some people may wonder what the point of such an item is and why not just put your plants in the ground. These handicraft hanging objects can be a beautiful decoration, and add a great style to your home. This allows you to keep beautiful plants more easily. There are many attractive hanging plants that look excellent when displayed. Some of these plants are delicate and some are dark. A person who wants beautiful plant hanger will find it very satisfying to use this kind of hanging. It will be hard for him to believe that the beautiful plants he bought from a store or even online can be made beautiful by his own hands.

Many people like beautiful plants, but they want them to last. By using a simple macrame plant hanger, they will get the beautiful plants they want without jeopardizing the health of their plants.

Beautiful and delicate hanging plants can be arranged to decorate a room. It makes a room more beautiful. In fact, some people like to arrange all kinds of beautiful plants on the living room table, where they can be admired by everyone. Even if their beautiful plants can’t stay on the table forever, they can be beautiful decorations in other areas of the house.

These plant hangers are not only beautiful, they are very practical. Unlike normal fabric arrangements, they don’t look messy. If you use them outdoors, you don’t have to worry about them being damaged by weather or animals. In fact, you will find them more attractive than the traditional fabric layout.

The Simple Macrame Plant Hanger is a must have for anyone in the garden. Even if you don’t have any plants yet, you’ll probably want to hang them so you can admire them later.


Material: Cotton Rope

Length: 33 inches

Color: White/Natural

Cleaning Type: Hand washable

Style: Plant Hanger


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